Thalía's reconciliation with Laura Zapata & their grandmother [TVNotas April 15, 2014]

Thalía and Laura ended the dispute! [TVyNovelas April 14, 2014]

Zapata tells the details of the agreement that ended the three years of bitter fightings.

This article appeared on TVyNovelas Mexico magazine April 14, 2014 issue

normal 0001 Thalía and Laura ended the dispute! [TVyNovelas April 14, 2014]

normal 0002 Thalía and Laura ended the dispute! [TVyNovelas April 14, 2014]

Thalía and Laura made peace

Prior to a legal agreement, the friendly meeting of the sisters who, with cup of coffee and chilaquiles, enjoyed the company of Eva Mange, which only lasted an hour and a half, that both leave with a peaceful heart.

Text: Alma Larios Trejo and María de Jesús Candedo
Photographs: Laura Zapata (4), Fernando Saldaña (3), Javier Arellano (1), Web (1)
Scans courtesy of Thalía World News

normal 0003 Thalía and Laura ended the dispute! [TVyNovelas April 14, 2014]

True love
Thalía arrive at 11 in the morning, for the first time in nearly 12 years, shared the table with her grandmother and Laura.

Full of kisses
The singer was melted in an embrace with doña Eva, and her grandmother responded with great tenderness.

After three years of distance between them, it was on Wednesday 9 April when Thalía came to Laura Zapata's house, in the state of Mexico, past 11 am, accompanied by two security personnel and an assistant. After greeting those present there, she directly went up to the bedroom of doña Eva and ran to hug her and fill her with kisses. Moments later, as the actress arrived at the house, who had gone out to buy bread and also melted into a hug with her sister and without reproach, and started a friendly and family chat. Then they went to the dining room where they shared bread, coffee, juice, fruit, chilaquiles and everything that was ready for the big visit. Half an hour later of a nice chat, Thali, as she is affectionately called, had to leave the house, which has been the same as it had been many years ago and that was sold to Zapata, before not admiring her taste for decoration. It was like a family feud ended in an act of kindness and affection between sisters distanced by misunderstanding.

How's the reunion with your sister Thalía?
It all started with a call to my grandmother three weeks ago, she said: "I called Thalía and said she wants me so much, misses and wants to see me." Then I get an email with a man who did I not know and said: "Hey, talk to our grandma and I would like to visit. Sincerely, Thalía".

What was your response?
I found it a bit strange, I decently answered that I don't know mail and erased it; I guess she have no choice that she sent me another personal mail where it is said very seriously: "Talk to my grandmother for me to see her, it will give me a pleasure, but I had to talk first to you", and the next day she contacted her lawyer to talk to me.

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Thalía signs autographs to 2,000 fans in Mexico

Amid an ad hoc atmosphere of the concept of her new album Viva Kids, Vol 1, the singer Thalía reunited with her fans in the Mexican capital, who eagerly (some camped since yesterday) waited for the moment to see her face to face to get an autograph or a photo of their idol.

normal hq65 0012 Thalía signs autographs to 2,000 fans in Mexico

Thalía with her fans at Viva Kids, Vol. 1 autograph signing at Plaza Cuicuilco in Mexico City, Mexico on April 10, 2014

The beautiful Thalía was with her fans during an autograph signing session organized in Plaza Cuicuilco, south of Mexico City, where she promoted her album Viva Kids, her first musical material for young audiences.

From early morning and even since the afternoon of Wednesday, April 9, the fans of the singer gathered and excitedly waited the arrival of 'The Empress of beauty', who was moved to the point of crying, because of the many signs of affection she received from the public.

There were about 2,000 attendees, who packed the shopping plaza.

Thalía fans attended yesterday at the mall where the autograph signing was took place.

"Thank you for so much love, thank you for giving me so much life," as the singer greeted her fans who gathered at Plaza Cuicuilco.

thumb hq65 0019 Thalía signs autographs to 2,000 fans in Mexicothumb mq65 0008 Thalía signs autographs to 2,000 fans in Mexicothumb hq05 0015 Thalía signs autographs to 2,000 fans in Mexicothumb mq65 0012 Thalía signs autographs to 2,000 fans in Mexicothumb hq05 0044 Thalía signs autographs to 2,000 fans in Mexico
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"It gives me life and joy to be with my fans, I'm so in love with you; it is a pleasure to see you here as children. Live in me always!", she told the crowd that applauded her.

For her third event of the day, Thalía opted for a very casual 'look': maxi blue necklace, light blouse in aqua tone and styled denim jeans, a very similar outfit to that she wore during her visit to the program HOY.

Wearing a beautiful smile, the singer appeared on stage showing off the gold record certification that her record label gave her this morning (on the TV program HOY) for high sales of the album Viva Tour which she recorded last year during her last stage presentation at the Auditorio Nacional.

normal hq05 0017 Thalía signs autographs to 2,000 fans in Mexico

She also received a triple platinum plus gold certification for her album Habítame Siempre.

normal hq65 0025 Thalía signs autographs to 2,000 fans in Mexico

With the children's classic Vamos a Jugar as a background, the singer started (around 3:30 pm) the emotional meeting, during which she attended to her fans one by one. As the disc and DVD will be released in the country (Mexico) on April 29, the singer signed autographs, focused on taking pictures with each of the attendees (about two thousand).

normal hq65 0020 Thalía signs autographs to 2,000 fans in Mexico

Children, adolescents and her lifelong fans gathered at this event in honor of Thalía, who was very kind to everyone, especially with her younger fans, even upon her arrival she held a baby in her arms.

normal mq65 0007 Thalía signs autographs to 2,000 fans in Mexico

Considered as an actress and the most successful Mexican singer of the moment, the singer of Manías is prepared to conquer young audience, with whom she has story thanks to her book Chupi: El Binky que regresó a su hogar, published in November 2013.

The actress also said she did not want to become the new queen of children:

"I'm not by any rule, everyone has their crowns, everyone has their places. I just wanted to make a surprise."

In addition, Tommy Mottola's wife confessed that this item was created as a gift for their children, but became a great opportunity to make a tribute to the songs that she grew up with.

After two and a half hours of hugs, kisses, photos and lots of smiles (ended at 5:43 pm) the singer say goodbye to her Mexican fans thanking for their support and unconditional love.

Viva Kids features 2 new songs (Tema de Chupi and Sugar Rush) and new versions of 11 9 pieces of children's classic that have been performed by the likes of Pedro Infante, Cepillín and Chabelo.

Sources: Hola México, EspectaculosMX

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Thalía visits her sister Gabriela Sodi

During her visit in Mexico to promote her children's album Viva Kids, Vol 1, Gabriela Sodi, one of Thalía's sisters, shared some photos on her Twitter account:

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Thalía receives triple platinum plus gold certification

normal hq05 0039 Thalía receives triple platinum plus gold certification

Thalía at Viva Kids, Vol. 1 autograph signing at Plaza Cuicuilco in Mexico City on April 10, 2014

The artist received the award for the high album sales of Habítame Siempre, she also received Gold certification for Viva Tour.

At 03:29 pm, after a long wait, for some fans this day is significant, Thalía appeared on stage to fulfill her commitment to her 500 fans to sign the cover of her new album Viva Kids Vol. 1.

As part of the event, Thalía received the surprise of her record label Sony the two certifications of Triple Platinum plus Gold for Habítame Siempre and Gold for her recording of Viva Tour, for which she is thankful.

"Thank you for so much love and life that's given to me. The pleasure is mine, I am emotional, moved and in love with each one of you, it is a pleasure to see you again and meet here as children."

"You are my platinum and gold, thank you, you are the ones that allow me to believe in myself, live in me always", Thalía said before she start with the autograph signing.

The singer moved around the venue since she considered that she was put far away from her fans "and I like to be close [with them]", she said.

The actress has been with her fans from all over Mexico and she even carried a small baby boy from Brazil and kissed him tenderly.

Source: Milenio

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Mexican singer Thalía says her new album brings out 'inner child'

Mexican singer Thalía said her new album, Viva Kids aimed to bring out everyone's inner child and make people forget about the daily grind.

"My idea is to bring out the inner child that my generation has inside, which does not go to sleep because of so much angst over the day-to-day routine. With so much going on, you start tuning out emotions and surprises" the 42-year-old singer told reporters.

normal hq65 0013 Mexican singer Thalía says her new album brings out inner child

Thalía at Viva Kids, Vol. 1 autograph signing at Plaza Cuicuilco in Mexico City on April 10, 2014.

Viva Kids which comes with a DVD of animated drawings, features songs like Vamos a jugar, En un bosque de la China and El piojo y la pulga.

"For me, it's important that they not miss out on these songs and that they have a concept, content, a body of work. That they not just be a song. This disc is that, it's a trip to the fantastic world that we each have inside", Thalía said, referring to how she wanted her children to see the album.

The singer said the album started as a private project for her children, Sabrina, nearly 7, and Mateo, who is almost 3. She never imagined that she would undertake a journey to her own childhood, when she 13 years old she was known as "La Moderna Niña de Rock" (The Modern Rock Girl).

These are the songs that reminded me both of my childhood like my early days, when I appeared on Juguemos a Cantar. Also, all the songs reminded me of my mother. First, because I sang as young girl and also as a manager, because when I would want to sing she was the one who lead me. It's a very nostalgic album", she recalled yesterday in a minute with the press, in Mexico City.

She added that her children are happy with the album and their favorite song is En un Bosque de la China and Sabrina even participated in the project.

"My daughter made some drawings, on the song Sugar Rush. At the beginning of the video are original drawings with the character's name and then I throw out my hands to make a 3D version. She told me, proudly 'mami, I made a video'".

sabrina dibujos sugar rush Mexican singer Thalía says her new album brings out inner child

From the video of Sugar Rush. Drawings (on the paper) are by Thalía's daughter Sabrina.

Thalía, who has been married to music producer Tommy Mottola since 2000, said she sang for her children and saw how they responded emotionally to the songs.

"This disc is my biggest prank ever and I enjoyed every song", Thalía said.

This album, plus another unreleased pop album to release next year, that made the Mexican very happy, a feeling that yesterday increased even more because she visited, after several months, her grandmother, Eva Mange, as she shared on her Twitter account.

"Now I'm happier today. It is a blessing that I needed," she said.

Sources: La Prensa, Vida Latina

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Thalía at Tommy Hilfiger in México 20th anniversary

Thalía success with her visit in Mexico!

The singer appeared on the show HOY to promote her album Viva Kids – Vol I

normal 1b 0020 Thalía success with her visit in Mexico!

(L-R) Alfonso Waithsman (makeup artist), Galilea Montijo, Thalía, Juan José Origel, Andrea Legarreta and Jorge Van Rankin.

From interviews, changing of clothes, looks, moving from one end to another, signing autographs and even a famous selfies, was as singer Thalía began work on her visit to Mexico City and definitely successful with everything!

She first appeared in the morning in Noticiario of Televisa, where she had an exclusive interview with Carlos Loret de Mola, the actress also looked spectacular in a fitted in a blue aqua ensemble, wavy hair, silver sandals heels and beautifull makeup.

Then she jumped into the forum of HOY, which she appeared in a new change of clothes, this time, she was very cool on jeans with little frayed at the knees, but very sexy showing her ankles with her ??high heel sandals.

thumb 1b 0001 Thalía success with her visit in Mexico!thumb 1a 0001 Thalía success with her visit in Mexico!thumb 02b 0027 Thalía success with her visit in Mexico!thumb 1b 0012 Thalía success with her visit in Mexico!thumb 02b 0012 Thalía success with her visit in Mexico!
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During the program, Thalía talks of cute anecdotes with the hosts beside her and especially with the producer Carla Estrada, who gave her her first opportunity as an actress in the telenovela Pobre señorita Limantour, in 1987, where she played Dina. After she landed the lead in Quinceañera and their successes of the Marias.

The singer also took the opportunity to promote her new album Viva Kids – Vol I, focused primarily to children.

She also thanked all her fans for these signs of affection, with whom after the program she went to meet them for an autograph signing:

"The love of my people has allowed me to stay here after so many years. As singers, we have to give people joy, energy and electricity," she added.

On her many activities as a singer, businesswoman, wife, mother and radio host, the actress explained the importance of having a trusted team.

"I believe in teamwork. You can have talent and a special glow, but you need a lot of people around you who believe in you and support you."

She also revealed her routine to look so radiant "I diet and exercise 50 minutes a day. I sleep at nine o'clock at night, I wake up at five in the morning. I'm a bit boring. I'm don't do much partying, I do not smoke" said the singer of Habítame Siempre.

After the interview the singer received a gold record for her tour Viva Tour which was recorded live at the Auditorio Nacional. And of course, Thalía could not hold to the famous selfie with hosts of HOY.

Source: Televisa/HOY

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Viva Kids autograph signing photos!

Viva Kids, Vol. 1 autograph signing at Plaza Cuicuilco on April 10, 2014

Friday, April 11 @ 1PM - Thalía en Experience 97.7 FM meet and greet (photos coming soon!)

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