Thalía's reconciliation with Laura Zapata & their grandmother [TVNotas April 15, 2014]

Thalía and Laura ended the dispute! [TVyNovelas April 14, 2014]

Zapata tells the details of the agreement that ended the three years of bitter fightings.

This article appeared on TVyNovelas Mexico magazine April 14, 2014 issue

normal 0001 Thalía and Laura ended the dispute! [TVyNovelas April 14, 2014]

normal 0002 Thalía and Laura ended the dispute! [TVyNovelas April 14, 2014]

Thalía and Laura made peace

Prior to a legal agreement, the friendly meeting of the sisters who, with cup of coffee and chilaquiles, enjoyed the company of Eva Mange, which only lasted an hour and a half, that both leave with a peaceful heart.

Text: Alma Larios Trejo and María de Jesús Candedo
Photographs: Laura Zapata (4), Fernando Saldaña (3), Javier Arellano (1), Web (1)
Scans courtesy of Thalía World News

normal 0003 Thalía and Laura ended the dispute! [TVyNovelas April 14, 2014]

True love
Thalía arrive at 11 in the morning, for the first time in nearly 12 years, shared the table with her grandmother and Laura.

Full of kisses
The singer was melted in an embrace with doña Eva, and her grandmother responded with great tenderness.

After three years of distance between them, it was on Wednesday 9 April when Thalía came to Laura Zapata's house, in the state of Mexico, past 11 am, accompanied by two security personnel and an assistant. After greeting those present there, she directly went up to the bedroom of doña Eva and ran to hug her and fill her with kisses. Moments later, as the actress arrived at the house, who had gone out to buy bread and also melted into a hug with her sister and without reproach, and started a friendly and family chat. Then they went to the dining room where they shared bread, coffee, juice, fruit, chilaquiles and everything that was ready for the big visit. Half an hour later of a nice chat, Thali, as she is affectionately called, had to leave the house, which has been the same as it had been many years ago and that was sold to Zapata, before not admiring her taste for decoration. It was like a family feud ended in an act of kindness and affection between sisters distanced by misunderstanding.

How's the reunion with your sister Thalía?
It all started with a call to my grandmother three weeks ago, she said: "I called Thalía and said she wants me so much, misses and wants to see me." Then I get an email with a man who I did not know and it is said: "Hey, talk to our grandma and I would like to visit. Sincerely, Thalía".

What was your response?
I found it a bit strange, I decently answered that I don't know the mail and erased it; I guess she have no choice that she sent me another personal mail where it is said very seriously: "Talk to my grandmother for me to see her, it will give me a pleasure, but I had to talk first to you", and the next day she contacted her lawyer to talk to me.

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Thalía in Quién magazine [March 2014]

Thalía is in Quién magazine's March 2014 issue which features 31 mujeres que amamos (Women We Love)

normal 0001 Thalía in Quién magazine [March 2014]

Thalía in Quién magazine's March 2014 issue. One of magazine issue's 31 mujeres que amamos (Women we love).

42 years old
Singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur

By Adela Micha, journalist, communicator and host

I am one of those people who has a very, very high sense of friendship. And if there is one thing I price, is to have great friends. One of them, a young woman – because seriously every time I have seen her she is younger, with more freshness, spontaneity and energy-, is Thalía. She is a woman which brings many attributes. Not only she is beautiful, but very attractive. But, above all, she has what I like most in a friend: sensitivity, grace, femininity, character and temperament. She is my friend and I thank her for her generosity that is always with me, because she like to share moments. From a tequila in an afternoon of good conversation, to an image of a pair of boots that she likes or her concerns and emotions she sent through a text message. And because the friendship is a relationship that touches, that moves, that strange, thanks Thalía!

Why we love her: She had a very prolific 2013. Presented her album Habítame Siempre in Spain. She received a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, and also became the first Mexican singer to have that honor. Published a book for children, Chupie: The Binky That Returned Home, in English and Spanish (El Binky que regresó a su hogar). Released a CD and DVD Viva Tour en Vivo with 16 songs from her latest tour. Signed a contract with the Macy's department store to launch a clothing line and accessories Thalía Sodi, which will be sold in over 300 stores and on starting spring of 2015. Finally it was announced that her radio program, Conexión Thalía, will join the AIRE Radio Networks.

Other women on the list: READ THE FULL POST…

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Thalía in TVNotas magazine [January 14, 2014 issue]

Thalía and husband Tommy Mottola in TVNotas magazine January 14, 2014 issue.

normal 0001 Thalía in TVNotas magazine [January 14, 2014 issue]

More photos will be posted here

Lives for 14 years in New York, but often travel to Florida
Arrasando! … We saw Thalía in Miami with her husband Tommy Mottola, visiting shops in pants and caps!

They made several purchases in Palm Beach, and we noticed that he gained some weight.

A few weeks after they renew their marriage vows, the actress, 42, and her husband, 64, were seen doing activities together.

Tommy spoiled her so much, and he took her to all the shops that she wanted to see.

In 2002, Mottola sold a property that they had in this city, in 8 million pesos, and in 2012, sold the other, at 18 million; wherefore they rented it.

Far from the crisis they have gone through in their marriage, were happy in a van that he drove.

Rented a house, because the 2 that they had there, had been sold

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Thalía in Estilo DF magazine

Thalía in "Shine Magazine" edicion verano 2013

Thalía is featured in Shine Magazine edicion verano 2013. Click the images to view in full size. Below is the complete transcript in English from the article in the magazine.

normal 0001 Thalía in Shine Magazine edicion verano 2013
Thalía. The beauty that shines from within


Mexican superstar Thalia, beautifies our cover and we talked about her formula to SHINE personally and professionally. She also shares the details of her new album Habítame Siempre, and reveals how to look spectacular for the past 40 years. An interview you'll love.

Founder and Director, General News Group

normal 0002 Thalía in Shine Magazine edicion verano 2013

I'm full of facets that shines bright colors that makes the prism


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Thalía sued, her grandmother requires substantial pension [TVyNovelas August 26, 2013]

normal 0001 Thalía sued, her grandmother requires substantial pension  [TVyNovelas August 26, 2013]

Thalía sued, her grandmother requires substantial pension. TVyNovelas magazine August 26, 2013 issue.

Mexico City. – Thalía and her sisters Ernestina, Gabriela and Federica Sodi faces new demand from their grandmother Eva Mange, who requires a pension of 255 thousand pesos a month (nearly US $20,000), reports the magazine TVyNovelas.

Federica gave an interview to the publication to discuss the new legal problem faced by her and her sisters.

"Yes, we were sued for the second time, but now its demand is a pension of 255 thousand pesos a month (US $20,000) between Thalía, Ernestina, Gabriela and me. It is an amount that no pocket can truly hold. I could not pay for something like this. I am pensioned for where I'm going to get this for these things?" she expressed to TVyNovelas.

She said her sister Laura Zapata submitted invoices that are held by a company of the actress, to check grandmother's alleged expenses.

"Among the expenses presented where flooring for Laura's house, her children's dental fixups, a car insurance that is illogical, because my grandmother no longer drives".

She explained what the requirements of Doña Eva to her 95 years of age.

"Things of the most absurd; for example: the annual insurance for a van's latest model of 450 thousand pesos (US $34,000), apart from the purchase of the same, as they presumably have no means of transportation and traveling in public. Also payment of private security, cook, 24 hours a day nurses, personal assistant, monthly trips, hairdressing, tailoring, makeup artist… anyway. The most curious thing is that in the specific request that it will be Laura who will manage all the resources".

She said that she already answered the complaint and Thalía have to travel to Mexico City for this new lawsuit.

"What comes now is that we're called to declare each one separately. Thalía will have to come from New York to do this absurd processing".

According to Federica all sisters offered Doña Eva their home for them take care in turns, but now they can not approach her because they were prevented by Laura Zapata.

They have even tried talking to Zapata, but "it is impossible to do because she will put you in a rude plan and only insults us."

Considering that Mange is manipulated by the actress, since it is difficult for an elderly person to plan something.

She said that the judge asked each of the involved how high are their income to determine the amount of pension to fix.

Source: Periódico ABC – Thalía, ayer de fiesta, hoy es demandada , TVyNovelas

Thalía sued, her grandmother requires substantial pension

normal 0001 Thalía sued, her grandmother requires substantial pension  [TVyNovelas August 26, 2013]

Thalía sued again by her grandmother
Pushed by Laura Zapata, Doña Eva Mange requires her granddaughters pension for 255 thousand pesos a month!


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Thalía featured on "People en Español" magazine August 2013 issue

Thalía featured on People en Español magazine's August 2013 issue on their Ponte Bella section

normal 0001 Thalía featured on People en Español magazine August 2013 issue

Thalía the new Barbie. People en Español, August 2013 issue. Click the images above & below for HQ scans!

Photo shoot was done on June 11, 2013 and photos where taken by Omar Cruz at Gary's Loft

Visit People en Español website for the exclusive photos from the photo shoot!

normal 0002 Thalía featured on People en Español magazine August 2013 issue
The Mexican diva Thalía unleashes her most feminine side and exclusively tells her secrets to always staying spectacular.

normal 0003 Thalía featured on People en Español magazine August 2013 issue

Ponte bella, will open with fashion and beauty secrets of celebrities; designers, fashionistas, actresses that show us their essentials for summer, for a party, for Christmas; and with Ursula that will definitely inspire us with her recommendations of what is in in fashion and beauty.

And who's better to inaugurate the new Ponte Bella is that our friend Thalía. So we get to a loft in Manhattan, transformed her into a 21st century Barbie and bathed in pink – literally. See pages 111-118 in the spectacular photos of Omar Cruz.

Well, I had a breakthrough with the videos and pictures that uploadedd on Vine and Instragram during the photo shoot. We really had fun and Thalía let go blindly to our creative team to ensure that these pages will shine more than ever. Write to and tell us what you think or what would you like to be included in the "Lo ultimo" or "Ponte Bella", because in the end these pages are designed for you.

Oh, and get ready for the next edition, because we will not stop to keep reinventing ourselves. Until next month.

Armando Correa
Editor, People en Español

normal 0004 Thalía featured on People en Español magazine August 2013 issue
An ambiance full of color and fantasy serves as the backdrop to show the new look of Thalía
by Ursula Carranza

No one was more amused than Thalía, who did not mind getting wet when being photographed in an elegant old bathtub.

Gala dress and to be Barbie for a day sounds like a typical child's dream. In a photo shoot for the section Ponte bella, Thalía not only had the opportunity to live that fantasy, but to do so in an environment out of a storybook. "I'm fascinated by the pink", admits the Mexican artist.

Fine details such as colorful flowers, Ladurée macarons, tea sets and a myriad of balloons created a sweet and playful ambiance. They were fun times in that the contagious energy of the actress reigns at all times.

The stylist Irma Martínez opted for tutus, corsets and dresses with feathers and glitter to please the artist, who wanted to look like a doll.

"I want to feel like a Barbie," says Thalía. The editorial team (left) posing with the star, who ended taking home the balloons to surprise her children.

normal 0005 Thalía featured on People en Español magazine August 2013 issue
Ponte Bella

"You have to reinvent yourself to follow that instinct that says do it!"

normal 0006 Thalía featured on People en Español magazine August 2013 issue
Smiling and open to change, Mexican diva unleashes her most feminine side and tells her secrets for always staying spectacular
By Ursula Carranza, Exclusive photos by Omar Cruz

You are known by your transformations. Why did you decide to go blonde? I have always admired that great hair. For some reason the spring inspires me to do this. I'm not born with it. As it came from within, from the need of the sun. The winter has been too long, then I want sand, I want sun, I tanned my skin tone, I want bright hair and feel the freedom that only the summer can give. On the other hand, I also think subconsciously I was closer to my mother.

So it also had an emotional component. It was like saying, "Here I am and I take these with me. Not only you are in my soul, but now I'm doing honor with the hair that we both loved". After I did it I understood why. And it was just after the second anniversary [of her death].

Where does this desire came from to experiment with styles? It is the desire to reinvent, to be vulnerable and introduce yourself in another way. You believe in your gut, that voice that says, "Do it, nothing happens if you change your hair, it's okay if you wear a blue shade, nothing happens if you wear that miniskirt that you love so much." Life is so short that you have to stay on not wanting for nothing. Do not care about anything or anyone. Nor what you say or [as] judge.

normal 0007 Thalía featured on People en Español magazine August 2013 issue

"All black and white bores me," says Thalía on her preference in colors.

However, your feminine and flirty side always emerges in your changes. I've always respected that innocence, naívety that I believe we must not lose. But I also have another duality: the daring woman, warrior, sensual, that I am not disappointed about anything. Those two things have come together and in my work. In the novels, the characters were candid, but sexy. My music is the same. A woman should feel the two sides.

What is your beauty philosophy? I am firm believer that it is a mirror of who you are inside. The grooming, the help of makeup and it's causing the first impact. But intelligence, for me, is the greatest beauty of a woman.

Anyone who has represented that for you? I love Marlene Dietrich. Obviously María Félix and Lady Di. These have been key women. [And] my sister Ernestina. It's a way to have a positive attitude towards life and to see the good side to things that makes it radiate.

With style is it born or made? Both. [We are born] with what people read about you and catalogs them immediately.

normal 0008 Thalía featured on People en Español magazine August 2013 issue

We are a race that catalogs to feel sure of ourselves. This first approach is important, but it is the reality that one is polished. I've polished and I wanted to be part of that change.

And the changes you regret? Have been millions! But I've loved them because each was made in the time when I believed 100 percent on that. I wanted to make that statement, that all talk of that lock of hair or the teddy bear coat. I never stuck with a desire to make my antics fashionable.

In what fashion wave you are now? In those little short dresses. But I'm a jeans girl. I'm with jeans and boots, denim shorts or tennis I'm happy. That is the everyday Thalía.

What do you wear when you want to look sexy? I do a smoky eyes, but also brown or copper. And I get nude lips, but glossy. I really like the [red] on [cheeks]. That is my label. And I love to wear a supersexy dress because open and closes enough!

"I have always respected the child sweetness that we all have," says the singer and actress on her style.

Shopping with Thalía
DOLCE & GABBANA: "The body shape like Versace and Cavalli" Thalía said. "They know how to show your waist, make a corset and [mark] your voluptuousness."
VALENTINO: "I liked his class and for their cuts."
VICTORIA BECKHAM: "The clothes are cute and simple, and the way that enhances the body is awesome!".
TOPSHOP and H&M: "I have everything and I love it," says the diva, who knows how to mix economical and expensive mix in her closet.

My newest luxury
"My husband commissioned it because they are no longer made", Thalía points out. "It took about three years". Bag model "Keepall 45" limited edition 2010 of Louis Vuitton in collaboration with Edun. Price on request. (for similar options)

My most recent bargain
"[Here] I get my best bargains," confesses the star on the rebates of footwear at Macy's.

normal 0009 Thalía featured on People en Español magazine August 2013 issue

What is your Achilles heel in physical terms? The rosacea around my nose. Good inheritance of my mother, who said to me: "You have a strawberry nose!". They are a mini veins that I have to put make up.

And what are the golden rules of your beauty routine? Always remove the make up. Wash your face in the morning and at night. Have creams that are designed for your skin at this stage of life. I drink water, I eat super healthy and this is reflected on the skin. It's a lifestyle, not just a cosmetic thing.

How does it change after being a mother? The comfort is first and foremost because you don't have the time to enjoy the glamour. You feel attractive and that people turn to see you, but within your comfort. No more sacrifice for fashion. There are so many options [to] be gorgeous.

How do you influence your style to your children? It has no result because even though I bought my daughter spectacular things, she has her style. What she like most about my closet is the collection of toys that I have. I Keep all my toys since I was baby. I [still] have my first Barbie.

What is the best style advice you can give? Accentuate what you think you can wear well. If you have amazing legs, then flaunt it. Play with that! The more you produce [your look] you look less and does not look natural. I like that it's effortless.

Always active, the artist now promotes the DVD of her successful concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York. On sale on August 27 (2013).

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Thalía wrote a book, children's disc and will produce on Broadway [TVyNovelas June 24, 2013 issue]

Surprise. From diva of telenovelas to queen of children
Thalía wrote a book, children's disc and will produce on Broadway

normal 0001 Thalía wrote a book, childrens disc and will produce on Broadway [TVyNovelas June 24, 2013 issue]

Thalía featured in TVyNovelas (Mexico) magazine June 24, 2013 issue. Click here for the HQ scans.

normal 0002 Thalía wrote a book, childrens disc and will produce on Broadway [TVyNovelas June 24, 2013 issue]

A project on the life of singer Gloria Estefan is shuffled between the initiatives that marked her producing debut

While many expects her to return to the small screen, Thalía plans to aim to Broadway theater and, for now, takes her first step as a producer with her husband, Tommy Mottola. Meanwhile, she continues to cultivate her skills as a writer and prepares the release of her fourth book, this time a children's story. Furthermore, she reiterates that motherhood has been the best experience of her life and shares her routine with the family inside their home.

Support to Hispanic mothers
During an event from a company products for babies of where she is a spokesperson, Thalía showed her support for Hispanic mothers, because in the United States there are more Latin American births of babies. "I think that we should support these new mothers, because they bringing a baby into the world is a miracle, but also wasting money on diapers, everything! It's great to organize these events and give away baskets for mothers of newborns in hospitals, is a very great opportunity. They know how is the economy, then I'm happy to take this to surprise moms", she said.

Responsible Mother
Taking my kids to the world with the tools they need is wonderful

Takes turns household chores with tommy
Just as her role as the mother of Sabrina Sakaë, five years old, and Matthew Alejandro, two years old, have made her more aware of what it means to raise a child. "The most beautiful thing that has happened in my life is motherhood, every day is a gift, every day is a surprise, every day is a personal growth. The power and to throw to the world to help them with the tools they need is wonderful and a lot of responsibility". In fact, she and her husband Tommy Mottola, who were already has 12 and a half years of marriage, she take turns the household chores with the children.

"For example, when I work, he knows he must stay with the children, and when he is working, I stay with them. And I have that clear agreement as long someone should be with them, one of the two, and we fully attuned".

What she most enjoy about the inside of herr home and when the cameras are not recording is sharing with family, dinners and meetings. "Tommy and I grew up in families where there were many party, like a good Italian and I like good Mexican, so we have that in common, those tables with friends and family, with music and all that," she says.

Her book is dedicated to babies
Her passion is great, that her children inspired her to write her fourth book, with stories about the adventures of baby pacifier entitled Chupie: The Binky That Returned Home (Chupi: El Binky que regresó a su hogar). "I'm about to release a baby's book that comes with my disc for children, and it is incredible".

Among the other projects is her next album, continue her radio show and producing plays on Broadway, with her husband Tommy Mottola. Some of the names already being considered are Super Fly Musical, A Bronx Tale and the project on the life of singer Gloria Estefan.

Thalía, who many expect her to return to soap operas, it appears that she's pointing her followers to see on Broadway, doing theater. "I'm preparing my next album, I have the radio show, I have a spectacular business plans. On stage if (we'll see), as producers are producing on Broadway and that's great, then we're starting there."

normal 0003 Thalía wrote a book, childrens disc and will produce on Broadway [TVyNovelas June 24, 2013 issue]

Not to embody Gloria Estefan
Recently, Thalía paraded for the first time on the carpet of the acclaimed Tony awards, which are like the Oscar of Broadway.

She and her husband also attended the opening of Matilda and Motown: The Musical. Also she was one of the eager attendees of the musical Evita, starring Ricky Martin, as it seems to be that her commitment is now soak up of everything that concerns from beginning to end to create a masterpiece on Broadway.

Although it was rumored that the serious artist would personify Gloria Estefan in the muscial on her life, which would lead the tentative name of Do That Conga, she denied it, but has not ruled it out and that she can play a role on the work or another that are taking place.

Thalía's friendship with Estefan couple dating back several years ago, it was Emilio who introduce to her current husband and his niece. Moreover, the host Lili Estefan is a great friend and companion on yoga sessions, so that this would all be as one big family.

At home of Thalía everyone sings. Matthew Alejandro has an ear for songs and the perfect tone, and Sabrina Sakaë writes her own songs and also paints.

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Thalía one of Radio Ink's Most Influential Women in Radio 2013

Thalía World Magazine, #4

by Thalía World
Click this link if you can't see the document above

Latest Events/Sightings

Tommy Hilfiger in México 20th anniversary
April 10, 2014
Ex-convento de San Hipolito, Mexico City, Mexico

Viva Kids, Vol. 1 autograph signing
April 10, 2014
Plaza Cuicuilco, Mexico City, Mexico

Ninth Annual ForEverglades Benefit
February 15, 2014
The Breakers, One South County Road, Palm Beach, Florida

At Seasalt and Pepper restaurant
February 6, 2014
Miami, Florida

Macy's 5th Annual National Believe Day for Make-A-Wish
December 6, 2013
Macy's Glendale Galleria, Glendale, California

Thalía’s Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Visit the event album on the gallery to view over 1000+ (and still adding more) UHQ, HQ, MQ photos of Thalía's Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony!


From Tommy Mottola's book Hitmaker: The Man and His Music
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From Thalía's book Growing Stronger (Cada día más fuerte)
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Recent/Upcoming Projects

Chupie: The Binky That Returned Home
October 31, 2013

Te Perdiste Mi Amor featuring Prince Royce
Sony Music Latin
February 3, 2012
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Habítame Siempre
Studio album
Sony Music Latin
November 19, 2012

Sony Music Latin
October 8, 2012

Tony Bennett: Viva Duets
The Way You Look Tonight
Duet with Tony Bennett
Columbia Records
October 23, 2012

Cada Día Más Fuerte
Book (Personal Memoirs)
Penguin Books
November 1, 2011
Cover Art: HQ

Growing Stronger
Book (Personal Memoirs)
Penguin Books
November 1, 2011
Cover Art: HQ

Primera Fila: Un Año Después
Album (CD/DVD)
Sony Music Latin
September 28, 2010
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