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The testament of Thalía's mother in which she left her everything

We present you the testament of Thalía's mother in which she left her everything It… [read more]

Thalía one of The 2014 Most Influential Women in Radio

Thalía is included in Radio Ink magazine's list of The Most Influential Women in Radio… [read more]

Thalía in Cosmopolitan for Latinas (Summer 2014)

Thalía in Cosmopolitan for Latinas magazine Summer 2014 issue where she's included on their list… [read more]

Thalía's reconciliation with Laura Zapata & their grandmother [TVNotas April 15, 2014]

They forget their dispute! Thalía will give her grandmother 'juicy' pension… so that she will… [read more]

Thalía and Laura ended the dispute! [TVyNovelas April 14, 2014]

THALÍA AND LAURA ENDED THE DISPUTE! Zapata tells the details of the agreement that ended… [read more]

Thalía in Quién magazine [March 2014]

Thalía is in Quién magazine's March 2014 issue which features 31 mujeres que amamos (Women… [read more]

Thalía in TVNotas magazine [January 14, 2014 issue]

Thalía and husband Tommy Mottola in TVNotas magazine January 14, 2014 issue. HQ Lives for… [read more]

Thalía in Estilo DF magazine

Thalía is featured in Estilo DF magazine November 18-24, 2013 issue. HQ Estilo DF (Spanish… [read more]

Thalía in "Shine Magazine" edicion verano 2013

Thalía is featured in Shine Magazine edicion verano 2013. Click the images to view in… [read more]

Thalía sued, her grandmother requires substantial pension [TVyNovelas August 26, 2013]

Mexico City. – Thalía and her sisters Ernestina, Gabriela and Federica Sodi faces new demand… [read more]