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Laura Pausini announces duet with Thalía

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Thalía's vacation in the French Riviera & in Mediterranean

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The testament of Thalía's mother in which she left her everything

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Thalía wants American children to learn Spanish

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Thalía faces with her past and we learned intimate details of her life

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Thalia was a bullied girl; teased for being famous

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Thalía: How I Blend Two Cultures in One Home

International songstress Thalía has one piece of advice for new moms: stay calm. "You can't… [read more]

Thalía congratulates her son Matthew Alejandro for his 3rd birthday

Thalía celebrated on her Instagram account the third birthday of her little one Matthew Alejandro…. [read more]

Thalía chats "Viva Kids", motherhood and more

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Thalía wants to bring out her 'sexy' side

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