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Nuestra Thalía is a fan site dedicated to Thalía. It is online since February 4, 2008 and is currently hosted by StarsZZ. The past layouts (version 1-5) was created in Adobe Dreamweaver and Notepad, and the news updater is powered by CuteNews. Currently the site is powered by WordPress for more spam and hopefully hack-free site. The images are created in Adobe Photoshop CS3. I use FileZilla for FTP.

Past Layouts

Here are the past layout of the site:


Here are the list of websites and people who help me to build and maintain this site as it is now.

  • StarsZZ – for hosting my site and giving fast technical helps when I'm lost sometimes
  • Prince Joe – those scans were always great
  • Camille, Gabriel and Rosie – for helping me on the graphics/image side. Haha. I'm very thankful to all three of you guys ^_^
  • Yourhtmlsource.com – for HTML Code of special characters. It's not easy to type special characters like the inverted exclamation point or the big cap accute i (Í) XD
  • Lalaine, Prince Joe, Mark, Anna – for providing 'chismes' and various opinions. Hehe.
  • Visitors (frequent and not frequent) – without you, I would'nt have the courage to continue the site. You help this site alive as the days past.
  • Google bots and other search engine bots – without this bots, the site wouldn't be appear in search result especially in Google.
  • dafont – for those fancy codes


If you want to contact me, go here.


Here are some fansites that are affiliated with Nuestrathalia.com. Interested to be affiliated with Nuestrathalia? Apply using this form and choose whether you want to be Elite or Top affiliates. I'll be putting Family Sites soon. What's the difference between those types of affiliates?

  • Elite – Elite affiliation are sites that appears at the top of the page so visitors can view instantly your site. It uses image as link.
  • Top – Top affiliation are sites that appears at the ride side of the page. It uses text as link and may appear as list or in dropdown box selection.

Family sites are sites that has same celebrity similar to a site.

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