Thalía honored by Macy's as an Icon of Style

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Thalía honored as 2013 Icon of Style at Macy's Herald Square as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. Click here for the photos (HQ, 1000px, MQ)!

Pop diva Thalía gets a nod from Macy's as a style icon during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Mexican actress turn pop diva Thalía always steals the show when she graces red carpets at Latin Grammys and Premios lo Nuestro, an understated and timeless glamour amidst a sea of often over-the-top sexpots. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Macy's and Vanidades honored the singer as an Icon of Style last Thursday at the Macy's 34th Street location in New York City and on October 5, Macy's at Dadeland will host a shopping event at 2 p.m. where they will pay homage to Thalía.

How does it feel to have Macy's recognize you as a Latina style icon?
Wow. It's such an honor and it's something I am going to treasure in a very special way because being recognized for that is incredible and especially during the month of Hispanic Heritage. I share this with all the fabulous and gorgeous Latina women that inspire me all year round.

How would you describe your personal style?
I want to be always comfortable but also want to respect my individuality and my moods. Some days you feel more romantic, some other days you feel wild and other days you feel very sexy. I just respect my moods. Everything around me inspires. Living in New York City everything is beautiful, also Latin culture is very festive, happy. I try to accomplish it all in one look.

Who is your biggest influence stylistically?
There are so many incredible women from Marlene Dietrich to Marilyn Monroe to Greta Garbo. Incredible, intense and wonderful women who are bigger than life and incredibly talented and gorgeous. Timeless style.

Has motherhood changed your approach to fashion?
Being a mother you have to survive. It's a treasure, but it requires a lot of time and a lot of love and effort so sometimes you forget about yourself so it's important not to put yourself aside while trying to be the best mother. You have to pamper yourself and take care of yourself.

Who are your go-to designers?
I love Valentino, I love Lacroix, I love so many good ones. It's endless. Carolina Herrera when I feel classy, Cavalli is so sexy and feminine. And I love Alexander McQueen.

When we see you on red carpet events like Latin Grammys or Premio Lo Nuestro, you always look so much more muted and understated than many of the actresses and singers that come from Latin America. How did you get away from the heavy make-up look?
I understand exactly what you say because our culture tends to be so colorful and fearless and we keep adding. In everything surrounding us, when we grow up you see a painting by Frida Khalo so full of color. And the Aztecs of Mexico, you are surrounded by walls of yellows and reds and blue and all of that is something that surrounds you so when you grow up you think its normal to put all this color on you. But when you grow up start surrounding yourself with people who know about hair and make-up and you learn.

How would you define the Latina woman's style sensibility?
We want to feel confident, we want to feel fearless and sexy. What are very chatty women, we love music, we love parties and I think all of that is a reflection of what we wear and how we wear it. We just want to have fun in life and not take things that seriously. I think that's what we try to portray in fashion.

What are we going to find inside Thalía's closet?
Everything! My tennis shoes that I bought when I was 10 years old. Cowboy boots I bought in a vintage store, the latest collection of you name it. I have a very organized closet, I am a Virgo so, everything has to be neat. I have every single piece of wardrobe that I used from my first appearance on TV since today. I have storages of clothes.

Think back to all your red carpet looks, what was your biggest hit?
I think the one that fit like a glove was this Alexander McQueen that I wore for the last Premio lo Nuestro or Latin Grammys with red long sleeves. It was so beautiful. I think that was the one I feel the most proud of. I was covered from neck to toe and I felt the sexiest ever.

normal 11 0009 Thalía honored by Macys as an Icon of Style

Thalía at Premio Lo Nuestro a la Música Latina 2013. Click here for the photos (UHQ, HQ)!

Biggest miss?
Maybe that was in a Latin Grammys, it was a Cavalli. It was all greens and flowers and it was grey but blue it was like leather – oh my gosh! It was this crazy thing. But at the time there was all this hip-hop movement in fashion and now that I look at it, that was one of the worst.
[I can't remember what carpet look she's pointing out, if you have an idea, let me know from the comment! I'm curious about it too :D]

Video by Dos LivesDos Lives Catches up with Thalia at Icon of Style Award Ceremony

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  1. wrote on September 28th, 2013 at 3:30 am


    "It was all greens and flowers and it was grey but blue it was like leather" hahahahahaha what kind of a description is that?! given that not even you know what she was talking about, I think she just made it up or got the memories mixed up :D

    • wrote on September 28th, 2013 at 3:38 pm


      Hahaha!! All greens… then it was grey but blue.. okaaaaaay -.- lol That's why i dont know which one she's talking about. I've tried to search it in my gallery and google, nothing fits! The only closest to a 'miss' that I can think of is the one on Billboard Latin 2001. Anyway, she cant remember in what event that red McQueen… so yeah, probably she got a memories mixed up XD

  2. wrote on October 2nd, 2013 at 1:17 am


    What the **** she is talking about with "miss" :D LOL

    • wrote on October 3rd, 2013 at 1:18 am


      I really dont know!! I can't remember something green with floral that is grey but blue leather-like. I was like, ok….. XD

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