'Habítame Siempre' review

Below is a review of the recording of the private concert of Thalía for her upcoming album Habítame Siempre. The review was from a person who got a chance to see the show. The original review is in Portuguese.

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Well, today I watched the filming of the Thalía's special n New York. It was a private show for fans who have registered. For starters wanted to say that I found fantastic part of the recording because I had never seen how to make these special. And greeeeat. I arrived "late", or rather later than I would like. But it was for a good reason, but that's a topic for the next post.

Well, the show took place in Hammerstein Ballroom, a beautiful theater. I arrived at around 15 minutes before 6pm and the queue was huge. People all speaking Spanish, very well dressed, and was only giving my name and was already with the ticket. The places were decided by the production, and they were the best seats for the best dressed, and of course, who arrived early. But anyway, the 7 hours or so get started and I went to the mezzanine. But the view was great, and the stage too big and wonderful. Cameras were at all sides, and 8 hours announced, with welcoming, explaining the show, which would be broadcast on tv, and did tests clapping hehehe soon after the show started with a song called Besame probably. With Thalía sitting on a bench in front of the runway. Then Reik and 2 more singers took the stage to sing with Thalía, and she said that she wanted to make a fantastic trio. The song was sung 2 times. After the stage was dismantled and left out the stage, and she came back singing Equivocada. And then a beautiful Latin music probably called Regalito de Diós. And then Erik Rubin took the stage to sing a song of his that Thalía likes and then sang a medley of two of his successes, the Regresa a mí and Enseñame a vivir and sang and danced with the audience. Then repeated Regalito de Diós, and in between, Tommy Motolla, her husband who was watching the show, took the stage and was asked the public kiss, which did not happen. During a long pause, and further testing of the new album, details were revealed as it will launch for November, the single in 2 weeks which probably calls Contagio, which had the video recorded live, name of new songs, and rhythms that will have a Brazilian and would probably be sung, but it was not. She then returned to the stage to sing Habítame Siempre, and I understood it is for a friend, but it makes more sense for a mother to be at the end of the song. Then she sang an old song, a cover that I do not know and has again medley with No me enseñaste, Tú y Yo, Entre el mar y una estrella and Maria la del Barrio, the last almost complete. It was the highlight of the night! After she sang Manias, music for the new cd, but was stopped in the middle, and had to start over. The penultimate song was with Prince Royce, a kind of Cumbia and Latin, sung in Spanish and English. It was played 2 times, and ended with a good pop rock song titled something like Noche de Verano, very good. And then said goodbye.

It was a really fun show, Thalía was very comfortable, danced enough, called people on stage, asked for water at each interval in a very soft voice, spoke many times okee-dooki, mixing English and Spanish, when they tried to fix her hair, said that was so was his hair, and did not want to fix. It was a great spectacle, can not wait to check out the professional recording.

PS: I must be missing something hehehe excuse the lack of information of the name of the songs, I do not know and do not want to talk nonsense, and so can put the pictures I took.

Source: PubliCafé Collection

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