Inside the party of 50 Most Beautiful

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Find out what happened inside the party after the stars came to celebrate the 50 Most Beautiful

The night was rainy in the city of New York, but the stars came safely to the party of the 50 Most Beautiful in the legendary Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. The first of all? None other than Carolina Herrera. With her elegance it was impossible not to recognize her!

And that was the first post of the night: everyone, absolutely everyone wanted to take pictures with the Venezuelan designer. The first to have that luxury was the winning girl of Nuestra Belleza Latina: Ana Patricia González, Alejandra Espinoza and Nastassja Bolívar. "I admire her a lot," said Espinoza, "[she] treated us nicely. Even told us that she watch Nuestra Belleza Latina on Sunday, which to me was amazing. Wow to find myself that she's here, I didn't expected it".

Chiquinquirá Delgado came with her boyfriend Jorge Ramos. Also, it did not stop Alejandro Chabán to asked Delgado a picture of his fellow Venezuelan. Although not to be left out, Alejandro Chabán asked Ramos to join them. You can imagine that Jorge Ramos was not alone of asking for a photo to Chiqui, but Jorge did not bother. "I'm used to it," he said.

Another who came was is Sammy Sosa, who came to the party holding the hand of his wife Sonia Rodríguez. The couple soon find a sofa located next to one of the bars and settled there almost all night. Charytín Goyco came with her daughter to greet the former baseball player, which is very popular among the stars.

Alicia Machado was one of the most requested for photos. And with such a dress with gold sequins, who would not want a photo with the Venezuelan?

And the most popular stars of the night? Of course, Thalía and Ricky Martin! The Puerto Rican singer could not stay for long because of work commitments. To compensate, Thalía was super playful. Upon arrival, and as a joke, she touched the pomps to the stylist Irma Martínez, who had her back on it and had tremendous shock. The Mexican singer also shared with Lili Estefan and walked around the party with our editor Armando Correa.

Sie7e arrived with his wife Jessica and confessed it was his first time in New York. He came with the desire to be with with Ricky Martin, which could not be. However, Sie7e already planned to go see Evita on Broadway, there may have better luck!

Another encounter that was neither seen was that of the dancier Toni Costa and actress Adamari López. Both were at the party, each one by their side, although they exchanged some knowing look…

The party went off at the stroke of midnight. It was then we saw Don Francisco bid farewell to his colleagues at Univision. Outside, some of the most hardened fans expected, firmly, to see their favorite stars. There we saw Julian Gil and others that were left wanting more. Until next year!

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Source: People en Español

Last modified: Tuesday - February 5, 2013 - 9:44PM PHT


  1. wrote on May 22nd, 2012 at 2:47 am


    Who is the fat lady and the two men in the picture? I think I have already seen that lady and the man in her side elswhere, but I don't remember who they are. ¿Quién es la mujer gordita y los dos hombres en la foto? Creo que ya había visto a esa mujer y también al hombre a su lado en algún lugar, pero no recuerdo dónde y quiénes son…

    • wrote on May 27th, 2012 at 1:05 am


      haha!!! the fat guy on thalia's left is Armando Correa (People en Espanol's managing editor), Correa might be so familiar to you as he's thalia's friend (they dine out together, probably for People en Espanol feature purposes, & shares some picture on twitter). The other guy is wrongly named in the caption as Tommy Mottola.. I know it's not Tommy.. just look on the hair, nose & smile.. it's not Tommy. Probably he's another People en Espanol's executiv. The lady is Monique Manso (People en Español's publisher) :)

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