Thalía and Laura Zapata embrace in front of their mother's coffin

thaliazapata 012908 300 Thalía and Laura Zapata embrace in front of their mothers coffinWhat Yolanda Miranda dreams of in her life, she did have it in front of the coffin where her remains rest: to see Thalía and Laura Zapata lost in a big hug to comfort each other by her sudden death.

The few people who were present at the time, could not avoid to see, facing the tragedy, a dream picture, that of the sisters back together like a lifetime, as it always had to be.

Laura, was the last of the daughters to join the wake at the funeral Gayosso, for she was in Puerto Rico and want to say goodbye to her mother and it was an odyssey because due to the long weekend for Memorial Day in the U.S., all flights were full. But finally, at about 1 am the eldest sister joined the rest of the family and that moment was very touching. Also she was in the place her son Federico.

At noon on Saturday and after the third Mass was given in her honor, the remains of Doña Yolanda Miranda were cremated before the entire family and especially for her daughters hand in hand: Laura, Gabriela, Ernestina, Federica and Thalía with her grandmother Doña Eva, 95 years old. A unique moment and the best way to honor the woman and that everybody defines as a 'Warrior' who fought to make all her daughters, good women.


Mrs. Yolanda Miranda Mange died at dawn on Friday at her home in Mexico City about four in the morning, in a moment she spoke of a heart attack, but the designer Mitzy, who was with her hours before, confirmed that it was a stroke. Thalía, who is in her last month of pregnancy, confirmed the sad news on her Twitter account and told her followers that she was dead half of her soul.

Doña Yolanda's passing came unexpectedly, it appeared that she was in perfect health and that about seven Thursday night told her family she felt a strong headache and would rather go to bed. Apparently, surprised by death while she slept.

Yolanda Miranda Mange was the person who supported Thalía's career, and each stage of her personal life.

The death of Mrs. Miranda came just a day before her daughter Ernestina Sodi marrying her fiance Mauricio Camps, in a very intimate ceremony this May 28 which has been canceled.

Laura Zapata at the time of the death of her mother was in Puerto Rico, wrote in her Face Book page: "I pray a prayer for the repose of my mother, Yolanda Miranda Mange that this morning she went to meet God. mamita good trip and that God be with you. Your daughter."

At around 3 pm Mexico time, Gabriela and Ernestina arrive at the wake, at Las Lomas, two of the five daughters of Doña Yolanda. An hour later a very affected Camila Sodi and her husband Diego Luna arrived who has to rest because it must comply with the work at the play Cock.

Without doubt, the hardest and terrible moment was the arrival of Doña Eva, mother of the late Yolanda who is 95 years old. Aided by three people to help her walk, Thalía's grandmother, she looked shattered with the moment that she live.

During the evening began the arrival of different personalities Edith González, Yolanda Andrade, Chantal Andere, Ana Patricia Rojo, among others.

At about 10 pm in Mexico and surrounded by a sea of photographers and it presses above Thalía accompanied by her husband Tommy Mottola and finally the carriage with the body of Mrs. Yolanda was entered to celebrate a Mass in her honor.

Thalía, who is in her advanced pregnancy wore huge dark glasses and could not hide the deep pain that was etched on her face because she was about to face one of the hardest moments of her life: see the body of her mother without life.

And just as unfortunately could happen, Thalía could not bear to see the body of her mother and broke down in tears in front of the coffin and she had to be removed from the viewing room and attended by the accompanying doctor. Although everything seems that only it was a scare, the singer is being monitored every minute so that nothing happens to her and the baby.

Source: AOL Latino

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  1. wrote on May 29th, 2011 at 10:59 am

    Ms. Almeida

    Querida Thalia & Familia;

    Esta perdida tan grande en su familia, es tan dolorosa.
    Que nuestro Dios ya tiene un angel mas a su lado. El angel que los va ha cuidar a cada uno de ustedes. Nuestro Dios las colme de serenidad y fortaleza. Mis mas sentido pesame para toda su familia.

    Con sinceros deseo;
    Ms. Almeida – New York

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